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UPDATED: SMS Students Compete in Geography Bee

Update April 7, 2020:

Lachlan Gemmill-Edwards passed the qualifying test and made it to the State Championship Geography Bee to be held in Harrisburg.  Only 100 students make it from each state. This was Lachlan's second time going to the state finals.  He was very excited to represent Southern Middle School.  Even though it was canceled, they are sending prizes, shirts and other cool gear to all the winners.  Congratulations Lachlan!




Southern Middle School students recently competed in a school geography bee.  This was the first level of competition of the National Geographic Bee, a program of the National Geographic Society.


Lachlan Gemmill Edwards earned first place as the Southern Middle School Geographic Bee Champion.  Chase Eckert was the second place winner and Theodore Hill was the third place winner in the school competition.


The National Geographic Bee is a nationwide competition for students in grades four through eight.  Up to 100 of the top test scorers in each state become eligible to compete in their state geography bee.  Gemmill Edwards will take a qualifier test in January to see if he qualifies for the PA State competition.