• A full range of special education services is provided by the Southern York County School District.  Programs provided directly by the District include those for students who have a specific learning disability, emotional disturbance, mental retardation, speech or language impairment, a hearing impairment, autism, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment, early childhood developmental problems, or other health impairment. 

    If you require general or specific information about special education services, please contact the Director of Special Education at Extension 7229

    If teachers or staff suspect that a student might be in need of specially designed instruction, a school team reviews records and diagnostic data.  At the elementary level, the school team is called an Instructional Support Team.  At the middle school and high school, the team is called a Student Study Team.  Conclusions are drawn by the school team as to whether or not adaptations or modifications can be made to the student’s educational program that will address the needs of the student, or if a referral for a multidisciplinary evaluation and further assessment is recommended.

    If a parent wishes to request a multidisciplinary evaluation, the school district asks the parent to provide the child’s building principal with written permission for the evaluation to begin.  Any parent who requests a multidisciplinary evaluation of a resident child not attending Southern schools should send the written request to the Director of Special Education.

    Annual Notices
    Click this link to view all District Annual Legal Notices.

    A full text of the "Annual Notice to Parents of Protected Handicapped Students," "Parents' Right to Know," and "Parents' Access Rights to Educational Records" follow.